Precast Concrete Panel Installation

 Specialising in precast concrete panel erection, tilt-up panels, precast beams and more, the experts at Supreme Precast can fulfil all precast panel work from high-rise structures to small commercial developments.

Our concrete precast panel erection services include the supply and fixing of:

  • Caulking

  • Grouting

  • Patching

  • Welding

Supreme Precasts' highly-trained team of riggers, grouters, caulkers, welders and patchers have over 30 years of industry experience. They have worked on projects of all shapes and sizes for both residential, industrial and commercial properties.

Core Drilling

Invest in premium concrete core drilling services with Supreme Precast. Whether you are preparing to install plumbing systems or install new wiring you can count on our Supreme Precast team to provide quick and efficient service from start to finish, making short work of even the thickest concrete slab.  

Our drilling contractors provide Melbourne customers with premium workmanship and with additional assistance available. The Supreme Precast team are adaptive always using up to date modern methods in pairing with the best equipment to deliver the best end result to our customers.

All solutions meet the highest standards in Melbourne for core drilling services.

Rigging & Dogman Services

Supreme Precast offers fully qualified and trained Rigging and Dogman solutions across Melbourne.

Our Dogman are efficient when it comes to finding the safest most effective approach when moving a load, communicating between the load and the operator lifting the load whilst meeting all safety standards.

Our Services:

  • Install, Assemble, Position and Secure Rigging Equipment

  • Calculate the most effective and safest manner in which to move a load

  • Monitor and Control the movement of heavy equipment

  • Guarantee all safety standards and regulations are met onsite

Crane Services & Maning of Crane Towers

As Melbourne’s leading provider for crane labour-hire, Supreme Precast understand every project is unique and different. Our knowledgeable and committed crane crews work with you to make sure all project tasks are met in a safe and hassle-free manner.


Supreme Precast has access to a fleet of cranes and expertise to cover all your business requirements. With mobile crane and tower cranes ranging from 20 to 250 tonnes in capacity, no job is too small or too big for Supreme Precast.

Operating a crane is high-risk, delicate work. An operator requires lots of experience, strong intuition, and problem-solving expertise; these are the exclusive traits our fully qualified Premium Precast crane operators possess. Trust our Melbourne crane operators to successfully complete your project from start to finish.

Specialising in the hire of :

  • Tower crane operator

  • Self-erecting tower crane operators

  • Dogmen Operators Melbourne

  • Riggers (Intermediate/advanced)